17 Haitian Migrants dead after Boat overturn in the Bahamas

A horrifying incident occurred on Sunday in which more than 17 lost their lives during the overturning of the boat. For now, the State Police have discovered the dead body of seventeen people on the Bahamas Coast. The news has become the headlines on various news channels as well as on the internet web. The authorities cleared the Bahamas Coast area where the incident. Still, they have been searching for other victims who were on the boat. You can discover the photos of the incident on social media. Let’s cover the further important details of the tragedy.

The high tide and high capacity are said to be responsible for the overturning of the boat. According to the stats, there were more than 60 people in the boat. From them, the state police have rescued 25 people. And, 17 people have been found dead. The rescue operation is ongoing and no latest news came to our knowledge regarding immigrants. The Prime minister of the Bahamas, Philip Davis has sent his prayers to the family members of the victims. According to the reports, the missing people and victims are Haitian migrants who were on the boat during the incident.

According to the officials, it is speculated that these people could be criminal who has been running human trafficking. As per the reports, they were traveling to the United States with a huge amount of people on the boat. According to the Police, there was one infant who has found dead along with 17 people. Right now, the investigation didn’t get any evidence that they were running an illegal operation. The identity of the missing people has been released on social media and online platforms.

The Press and media have gathered all the important details of the incident to their network. With all this, the news has been trending on the Twitter and internet web. Furthermore, the injured people are treated at the hospital. The doctor said that they were all in stable condition.

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