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Aayushi Jaiswal Web Series Watch Online 2022


Ayushi Jaiswal is a famous actress, model and social media influencer from India. Ayushi made her acting career in the web series industry. She has worked in many ullu app web series. Aayushi Jaiswal’s most famous web series is charmsukh Kamar ka naap. Below is a list of famous web series by Ayushi Jaiswal. You can watch these web series on their respective platforms.

Qamar Ki Naap Charmsukh to play real name

Qamar ki naap is the story of Kajari’s new bride. Kajari’s mother-in-law tells her to make clothes, but she doesn’t know. Kajari’s husband hires a sewing teacher named Chinki. Chinky teaches Kajari how to sew. The two fall in love and both enter into a physical relationship.

One day, when the Chinks and the Qajaris are kissing, the Qajari’s husband sees it. Watch charmsukh Kamar ki naap for what’s next. Ayushi Jaiswal played the role of Kajari in the web series Kamar ki naap.

Fantasy Call Hotspot ullu web series live online

Hotspot Fantasy Call is the story of a little boy Namit. Namit likes to chat with girls. He calls the “telephone company” and gets the girl’s contact number. From there, he gets the number of a girl named Sneha.

Sneha and Namit become good friends. One day, Sneha invites Namit to her house for a kiss. Once both become intimate, the man arrives with a knife. Watch the Hotspot Fantasy Call web series on the ullu app to find out who this person is.

Damaad Ji ullu 2022 web series cast list

This is the story of Kumud and Mohan. Mohan had an accident so the doctor told him to take bed rest. Kumud invites his mother Ranjana to her home to take care of Mohana.

Mohan begins to like his mother-in-law. Ranjana also falls in love with Mohan. Mohan and Ranjana enter into a physical relationship. Watch “palangtod damaad Ji” and find out what’s next.


Pyasi Pushpa is a story about a widow girl named Pushpa. To survive, Pushpa marries a man named Pritam. After the wedding, it is revealed that Pritam does not perform in the bedroom. Pushpa’s sexual desire is not fulfilled.

Pritam has a son named Titu. Pushpa catches her stepson and fulfills her sexual desire with him. One day Pushpa and Titu kiss, then Pritam comes. Watch the web series “Pyasi pushpa” to find out what’s next.

CharamYog Web Series

Charamyog is the story of a village where there is a ritual. According to the ritual, the villagers send their unmarried girls to spend the night with the boys. If a girl likes a guy, then they can get married. For the full story, watch the charamyog primeplay web series.

Damaad ji season 2 palang tod cast

Damaad Ji Season 2 is the story of Ranjana and Mohan. Mohan is in love with his mother-in-law Ranjana and becomes close to her. One day, Ranjana and Mohan kiss when Mohan’s friend comes. He records their MMS video. Mohan’s friend starts blackmailing him. Mohan’s friend says he wants to kiss Ranjana too. Watch “Damaad Ji Season 2” only on the ullu app to find out what’s next.

Cast Chahar Sahelian

Chaar Sahelian is the story of four friends. All friends have sexual desires. One of these girls gets married, but her sexual desire is not fulfilled even after marriage. All friends together plan that in the same room we will kiss with our boyfriends. Watch the voovi web series “Chaar Sahelian” for the full story.

Cast of web series Charr Charr Hotspot ullu

Charr Charr is the story of newlyweds Mudit and Chanda. Whenever Mudit and Chanda kiss, their bed makes a lot of noise. Chanda gets bored with this bed and tells Mudit to sell this bed.

Mudit tells his friend about it and then the friend tells him about an online site where he can sell his bed. Mudit gets a lot through this app, but Mudit gets scammed. See “hotspot charr charr” for the full story.

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