Bengaluru car accident

In a fatal accident, Two Bengaluru cops were among three killed

We are going to cover the latest headlines of a car accident that occurred on 24th July 2022. According to the officials, there were two police officers who lost their lives in the fatal car accident. The investigation arrived at the scene after receiving an accident call from one of the civilians. The emergency unit rushed the police officers to the hospital. Unfortunately, they couldn’t survive the accident. Since then various news channel has been showing the headlines of the Bengaluru Fatal Car Accident. Now, we would like to check the latest updates and video footage of the car accident down below.

source: TV9 Telugu Live

The press released the identification of the Police officers who passed away in the fatal car accident. Both had been serving the nation as sub-inspector and constables.  Avinash was the sub-inspector whose age was 29 years old. He was posted in Andhra Pradesh, Bengaluru. His hometown was Bihar. On other hand, Constable Anil Mulik was just 26 years old at the time of his death. He was the resident of Bagalkot.

Furthermore, the authorities also confirmed the death of the driver who was driving the car of the policeman. During the accident, he got severe injuries. The emergency unit rushed him to the hospital. Later, he was pronounced by the Doctor.

The authority discovered both police officers dead at the scene. Apart from it, the other two police officers Sub-inspector Dilshith L and Constable Sharanabasava are in critical condition.

The deputy has given crucial information to the press and media. As per the officials, the police officers headed to Tirupati when they met in a car accident. They started their journey from Chittoor. The family members of the demise police officers have been informed. Along with it, the news is currently trending on social media. You can find the pictures and video footage of the car accident on social media and YouTube. We have the deepest condolences to the family members who have lost their close ones in the tragedy.

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