Italian parents give birth to Oscar Piastri Nicole and Chris Piastri


Oscar Piastri, who hails from Australia, is a race car driver who is now serving as the reserve driver for the Alpine F1 Team. After Piastri informed the team that he was going to leave, Oscar’s connection with Alpine F1 has become controversial as a result of the racer’s accusations that Alpine F1 engaged in weird behaviour in the course of handling his future.

Oscar Piastri, the most recent Australian driver to join with McLaren, has expressed his displeasure with the fact that he was misrepresented as a driver for Alpine during the legal fights that have taken place between the two teams.

And the young man, who is only 21 years old, acknowledges that it is “unfortunate” that the driver at McLaren who was replaced is one of his heroes, Daniel Ricciardo, who is also an Australian.
According to Piastri, Sfaznauer broke the news to him as he was participating in a driving simulation when he told him that he would be driving for Alpine beginning with the 2023 season.

Alpine even announced that he would be Alonso’s replacement at the beginning of August; however, Piastri denied that there was any kind of deal in a now-famous social media tweet. Piastri claims that he told Alpine twice that he would not be racing for them in 2023 before to the company’s announcement of his departure.

Oscar Piastri
Oscar Piastri

A Few Fast Facts

Name Oscar Piastri
Age 21
Nationality Australian
Parents Chris And Nicol Piastri
Occupation Reserve F1 Racer
Ethnicity Italian

Chris and Nicole Piastri are Oscar Piastri’s parents. Oscar’s middle name is Chris

Oscar Piastri’s parents, Chris and Nicole Piastri, brought him into the world in Melbourne. Oscar’s accomplishments may largely be attributed to the support and encouragement he has received from his family.

The success of the Australian racer’s career can be attributed to the fact that his father got him started in go-karts and helped him navigate the early stages of his racing career.

During these early stages of the team’s existence, Chris served as Oscar’s mechanic, as is customary for father-and-son racing teams. Piastri has had a meteoric climb over the past few years, and because to the support of his family and parents, he will be moving up to the F2 category in 2021.

Toy cars serving as the catalyst for everything that followed Chris took it with him on a business trip to the United States, and then he brought it back as a present for his son Oscar, who was just 6 years old at the time.

Oscar Piastri Alongside His Mother and Father

Oscar, a race car driver from Sandringham on the bayside of Melbourne who is now 20 years old, was motivated by the car to join one of the most exclusive clubs in the world: the Formula One grid, which consists of 20 racers.

Oscar’s father is the inventor and proprietor of HP Tuners, a software company that has served the racing and performance aftermarket for the past 15 years. The company specialises in tuning high-performance vehicles.

He is very skilled in the areas of software development, engineering, automotive engine and transmission control systems, business management, sales, and marketing, as well as company management, sales, and marketing. His experience spans a wide range of industries.

What kind of ethnicity and religion does Oscar Piastri have?

Oscar Piastri is of a multi-ethnic background. Both of his parents were born in Australia and are of Italian ancestry.

In 2016, he relocated to the United Kingdom in order to advance his career as a race car driver. In addition to racing, he enjoys other sports such as basketball, cricket, and wakeboarding.

His studies started at Haileybury College in Melbourne, and then he transferred to the Haileybury College campus in Hertford, United Kingdom.

There is no information available regarding Oscar and his family’s religious beliefs; nevertheless, given that the vast majority of people in both Australia and Italy adhere to the Christian faith, it is possible that Oscar follows this faith as well.

Is There Anyone Else in Oscar Piastri’s Family Besides Him?

Since there is no mention of either of Oscar Piastri’s siblings, it would appear that his parents only had one kid, and that child’s name was Oscar.

Chris and Nicole gave the little Australian racer a lot of love and attention when they were raising them. They were essential in Oscar’s development into a man of outstanding character and strict discipline.

Oscar Piastri is the new Australian player to sign with The McLaren.

Oscar’s Instagram account does not contain any photographs of his brothers, sisters, or other relatives who could be considered his siblings. Despite the fact that the racer has shown images of his family to the public.

Due to the fact that Oscar was an only child, his family showered him with an abundance of love and support. Additionally, Oscar benefited tremendously from the fact that his father mentored him and encouraged him to pursue a career in auto racing.

Oscar Piastri
Oscar Piastri



Piastri, who was born in Melbourne, Australia, began his racing career with remote-controlled vehicles at a national level in 2011 before commencing his career in karting. After turning professional in 2014 and competing in a variety of races and championships in Australia, Piastri began competing with Ricky Flynn Motorsport the following year in European and other CIK-FIA sanctioned karting championships. In 2014, Piastri turned professional and competed in various races and championships in Australia. In 2016, he made the decision to advance his racing career by moving to the United Kingdom. That year, he competed in Bahrain and finished sixth in the World Championship.

Formula 4

Early in the year 2016, Piastri was able to secure his first significant sponsorship, which was provided by HP Tuners, which was initially established and is currently owned by his father. Throughout the GP3 Series, F3 season, and F2 season, this was displayed whenever it appeared on his racing suit or car. Later on in the year 2016, Piastri made his debut in a single-seater car with Dragon F4, competing in a few rounds of the Formula 4 UAE Championship. He finished sixth in the championship while earning two podium finishes.

In 2017, Piastri was selected to compete in the British F4 championship as a member of the line-up for the TRS Arden Junior Racing Team. In that event, he finished in second place behind Jamie Caroline after claiming six victories and six pole positions.

GP3 Series

Piastri was a member of the Trident team that competed in the post-season test held at Yas Marina in December of 2018.

Formula Renault Eurocup

Piastri competed in the 2018 Formula Renault Eurocup Championship at the Monza circuit.
In 2018, Piastri made his return to Arden after an absence to compete in the tournament for the first time. He finished the season in tenth place in the championship after earning three podium finishes, the best of which was a second place result at the second race held at Hockenheim.

In December 2018, it was reported that Piastri would be switching to R-ace GP for the 2019 season, which would make them the defending team champions. Silverstone was the location of his first victory in the competition, which he followed up with a second victory at the same venue the following day. After claiming victory at Spa-Francorchamps in July, he made history by becoming the first driver to win three races in 2019. He went on to win the championship after claiming victory at the final round held at Yas Marina and placing fourth overall.

Championship of the FIA Formula 3

Piastri participated in the postseason test with the FIA Formula 3 team champions from the previous season, Prema Racing, in October of 2019.

Piastri was one of the three athletes that the Italian club brought on in January of 2020, together with Logan Sargeant and Frederik Vesti, to compete in the forthcoming season.

In his first race at the Red Bull Ring, Piastri got off to a good start by starting third on the grid. At the first turn, he was involved in a collision with the race’s pole sitter, Sebastián Fernández, but he was able to avoid any damage and go on to win. Piastri finished in second position three times in a row at both of the Hungaroring races and the first feature race at Silverstone. His first retirement of the season came at the following Silverstone sprint race when a stuck-open DRS caused him to withdraw from the competition. After teammate Piastri struggled with reliability issues in qualifying, teammate Sargeant was able to take the lead in the title away from Piastri at the second feature race at Silverstone. Piastri began the sprint race in Barcelona from the fifth position, but he was able to pass many vehicles and move into first place before the completion of the first lap. He was able to maintain his position and win his second victory. Piastri regained the lead in the championship after finishing fifth in the subsequent feature race at Spa-Francorchamps, but he fell back after being penalised for an illegal overtaking in the sprint race, which Sargeant won.

Due to Piastri’s impeding of Jake Hughes during the qualifying session at Monza, he was given a penalty and started the main race in 15th place. He made a strong charge to get into third place by the time the race was through, and he was able to recover the lead in the championship thanks to Sargeant getting into an accident. Piastri was knocked out of the sprint race by Clément Novalak, which caused him to retire from the competition. However, he was also given a grid penalty of five places for the next race since he had earlier forced David Beckmann off the track. Piastri was able to keep his lead in the championship despite the fact that he retired when his teammates were involved in a collision with one another.

Piastri started the final main event race at the Mugello Circuit from the 16th position on the grid and finished the race in 11th place, however he did not earn any points. Both drivers entered the last race with the same number of points, 160, as their title challenger Sargeant finished sixth in the race. The sprint race began with Sargeant placed six spots higher than Piastri, but he was eliminated following an accident on the first lap. Piastri went on to win the race. Piastri’s last remaining title competitor, Théo Pourchaire, was unable to close the points difference, and as a result, Piastri was able to win the championship title. Piastri ended seventh overall, which put him three points ahead of Pourchaire and four points ahead of Sargeant.

Championship of the FIA Formula 2

Piastri will compete in the Formula 2 race at Silverstone in 2021.
Piastri made the announcement that he will continue racing with Prema into Formula 2 in December 2020. He would take the place of Mick Schumacher, who was leaving the team, and would team up with Ferrari Driver Academy graduate Robert Shwartzman for the 2021 season. In his first ever race, Piastri finished fifth overall. Piastri started the second Formula 2 race in sixth place, but he quickly moved up the standings and eventually took the lead after passing another Alpine junior driver, Zhou Guanyu, on the final lap. This victory was Piastri’s first ever in the Formula 2 category. Piastri began the main race in eighth position, but by lap 13 of 32, he had past multiple vehicles and taken the lead. After making contact with Dan Ticktum and spinning out with two laps left in the race, he was eventually compelled to retire from the sport. Piastri finished in second place for the second time in a row at the Monaco race, moving him up to second place overall in the championship standings, behind only Zhou.

Piastri was involved in an accident on the opening lap of the first sprint race in Baku, which forced him to drop out of the race. However, he came in second place in the feature race. After placing sixth in the first sprint race, he was able to earn the pole position at Silverstone, which allowed him to take the lead in the championship. After the fourth and final round, he maintained a lead over Zhou in the championship competition by a margin of five points. Piastri scored his first feature win in the series in Monza, which included a fight with Zhou on lap 25. He then strengthened his lead in the championship with another pole position and win at Sochi. Piastri became the second driver in that season after Jüri Vips to win two races on the same weekend. Piastri finished first in Jeddah’s second sprint race, and he was in the lead when the feature race had to be stopped due to an accident. Jüri Vips was the first driver in that season to win two races on the same weekend. The championship was won by the Australian driver when he finished third in the first race held at Yas Marina. He is the third driver in history to win the championship in their first year of competition. Piastri finished the season with the most victories of any driver by winning the feature race, which was his fourth consecutive victory in a row. This meant that Piastri had won a total of six races throughout the season, which was more than any other driver.

Piastri is the only driver to win the GP2/F2 title in their first season of competition, making him part of an elite group of drivers that includes Nico Rosberg, Lewis Hamilton, Nico Hülkenberg, Charles Leclerc, and George Russell. Piastri won the championship to join this group of drivers. With his victory in the 2019 Formula Renault Eurocup, he became the first driver in history to win three consecutive F1 feeder series’ championships. Before him, only Hamilton, Hülkenberg, Leclerc, and Russell had won the GP3/F3 title, followed by the GP2/F2 title the following year.

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