Recently, a piece of very shocking news has surfaced all over the internet. A 24-year-old girl from Hubli or Hubballi has been stabbed 7 times on Thursday. The source said that the girl is identified as Neha Hiremath who was returning from her college campus when the incident happened. Neha Hiremath murder case is a serious matter as the girl was stabbed in broad daylight. As per the source, Neha was the daughter of Congress Corporator Niranjan Hiremath living in Hubli or Hubballi, a city in Karnataka. Right now, the public is very angry as the incident is unacceptable.

Neha Hiremath Murder Case: 24-year-old Girl Stabbed To Death In Broad Daylight

Who Was Neha Hiremath? Hubli Student Murder Case

Neha Hiremath was an MCA student who was killed by a boy at BVB Campus on Thursday in broad daylight. The accused has been identified as Mohammad Fayaz. Fayaz stabbed Neha 7 times, twice in the neck, and fled the scene. However, some staff and students caught him and handed him over to the nearest Vidyanagar police station. Mohammad Fayaz is a BCA student in the same college and hails from Saundatti in Belagavi district. As of now, Fayaz has been arrested within an hour after he brutally murdered Neha Hiremath in front of the BVB Campus on Thursday, 18th April 2024.

What Happened to The Accused in Neha Hiremath’s Murder Case?

According to the sources, Mohammad Fayaz had allegedly been pressing Neha to enter an affair for a few days. But, Neha rejected him and continuously denied his proposal. Unfortunately, Fayaz is angered by her rejection and decides to kill her. After Mohammad Fayaz was arrested, his father Baba Saheb Subhani expressed deep remorse and acceptance of legal consequences. He said “I welcome whatever punishment is given to him under law. Neha’s family, the people of the state, and the people of Munavalli should forgive me.” Not only this, but Subhani also demanded severe punishment for his son, saying “My son should be given the most severe punishment, and no one should commit such a cruel crime in the future.”

Subhani condemned the incident that happened to Neha Hiremath, saying “No one should target any girl. She was like my daughter. What happened to his (HDMC corporator Hiremath) daughter can happen to our daughters. A big salute to those who are protesting for justice.” Not only this, but he also said that Neha and Mohammad Fayaz had an affair and he told his son that society would not accept it and label his love as “Love Jihad”. But, Fayaz has committed an unforgivable thing that led him to the punishment. The Hubli Murder Case is actually very terrifying and shameful. We should request the law to punish the accused so that no one in the future can even think to do such type of crime. Stay tuned with to get more information related to this and other latest news.