Shazam 2 Trailer Breakdown – DC Keep the promise

As you guys know that DC promised his fans that he will release at least 6 movies a year 4 in theaters and 2 on HBO. Here on 24 July there comes DC’s new movie trailer which is Shazam 2: Fury of the Gods. The trailer got so many views and likes from its fans. Not only this, but DC also released the second trailer of Black Adams – Comic-Con Sneak Peek. There are so many scenes and secret information in the trailers which most fans missed to noticed. As you all already know that Black Adam is more powerful than Shazam and they both will fight in the upcoming movie. Well, we see the Shazam 2 trailer which is funny, interesting, and had so many secret details, lets’s breakdown it below.

Shazam Fury of The Gods Breakdown Rumors Alert!!!!!! Spoiler Alert!!!!!

First, we talk about Shazam 2 trailer in which we can see all the old casts and Shazam sharing his problem with a child doctor. Of course, he is still a kid and he is not yet ready or cannot control his full power.

After this, we see Shazam flying in superman style and we also know that this character already meets Superman at the end of first the movie. So, maybe he learns it from Superman because we see after a long time that someone is flying like Superman which is interesting.

After this Shazam talks about Flash, Aquaman, and Batman, but you can see they don’t show the face of Flash (Ezra Miller). Whenever DC is not sure about the role in the future they never show his face.

For those who are thinking about why they will remove it from the film when The Flash is released in 2023, it’s because of the Ezra Miller scandal which is very serious. Rumor says that DC will change the character of Flash. We will talk about the scandal here, let’s back to the breakdown.

Wizard Shazam Captured
Wizard Shazam Broken Stick

We see that the Wizard Shazam is captured, and his broken stick is in the museum. Then we see the daughters of Atlas who is the main villain of the movie and a Dragon which is also Magical because of its blue fire color of light which is the same as Wizard Shazam’s stick color light. As we know that all these stories is surrounded by greek mythology and Shazam also have the power of greek gods.

Daughter Of Atlas

In the end, we see that the full family is hugging each other including his foster dad which means their foster parents know about their powers. Another thing you can see is that only billy is in Shazam’s character and the rest are not. In another scene where Freddy is afraid and still not using his powers, this shows only Billy has their powers left and the rest of them lost their powers.

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