Who is Irene Aldana’s husband? Discover your husband’s life and love


Does Irene Aldana have a husband in the year 2022 or is she never married? Fans are eager to know more about him as he is going to have an important fight in UFC very soon.

Mexican mixed martial artist, Aldana, participates on the most important MMA stage at the professional level. She competes in the women’s bantamweight division in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) season that is currently underway (UFC).

Irene Aldana
Irene Aldana

As of May 23, 2022, Aldana is ranked fourth in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) women’s bantamweight standings, and fourteenth in the women’s pound-for-pound rankings.

In mid-2014, Aldana signed with Invicta FC. In the event called Invicta FC 8: Waterson vs Tamada, which took place on 9 September 2014, she competed against Peggy Morgan and won via rear-naked choke.

Who is Irene Aldana’s husband?

As of the year 2022, Irene Aldana has no husband as she has never been married. She is making the most of her time as a single woman right now.

In JF: Jungle Fight 63, which took place on December 21, 2013, Aldana competed for the unfilled JF Women’s Bantamweight Championship against Larissa Pacheco.

Although many speculate that she is married and maintains a family life, the UFC fighter is yet to tie the knot. People think he has the same level of enthusiasm, despite the fact that most MMA contestants his age are already married.

However, regarding the status of her relationship with fans and media, she has not displayed any indicators. Instead, she is focusing on her professional development and is ready for the possibility of having a partner in the future.

Scrolling through her social media profiles, it is clear that she is not in a romantic relationship with any other person. Viewers might be confused whether she has a relationship or not as she uploaded some pictures on her Instagram account with her trainers.

You can learn more about her day-to-day activities and her personal life by following her on Instagram, where she often posts updates about her life for her dedicated followers, who can use this information to better her. to understand from.

Irene Aldana age and height information and other facts about her body

Irene Aldana with a height of 5 feet 9 inches is currently 34 years old. He was born on March 26, 1988 in the city of Culiacán, which is located in the state of Sinaloa, Mexico.

Irene Aldana fights in the bantamweight category of the sport.

In terms of her physical features, she stands at a decent height and has a healthy weight of 139.5 pounds. In addition, she competes in the bantamweight division despite having an extraordinary reach of 17 cm.

At the end of her time in college, Aldana earned a degree in graphic design. During his time at university, he discovered a love for mixed martial arts and began taking classes at a Lobo gym in the area.

In her only bout for the Brazilian mixed martial arts company Jungle Fight, which took place on December 21, 2013, Aldana fought for the vacant JF Women’s Bantamweight Championship. This event took place in JF: Jungle Fight 63. Aldana defeated Larisa Pacheco.

Melanie LaCroix scheduled to compete against Aldana on February 27, 2015 during Invicta FC 11: Cyborg vs. Tweet; However, she withdrew from the fight for reasons that were not revealed, and was replaced by Colleen Schneider as the opponent.

Irene Aldana’s net worth due to her career in Mixed Martial Arts

Irene Aldana’s professional MMA career has contributed significantly to the accumulation of wealth that she currently holds. She has been competing in MMA for a very long time.

Irene grew interested in mixed martial arts and started taking classes at the area’s Lobo Gym.

As reported by The Sports Daily, Aldana’s UFC career has earned her a total of $650,500 in the month of July 2021. His match with Caitlin Vieira was the one that brought him the most money.

He was handsomely rewarded with $135,000 for his participation in the event at UFC 245. Aldana earned a whopping $104,000 for her win over Lucie Pudilova at UFC 228, where the event took place.

Bethe Correa came in at 141 pounds, five pounds over the bantamweight limit of 136 pounds when weighed-in. Because of this, his fight with Korea had to be rescheduled, and it is now expected to take place at UFC 237 on May 11, 2019.

Even if she ends up at the end of the argument, she still walks away with a significant amount. People are interested in the sport, and women’s mixed martial arts (MMA) is also giving a boost to the world; Plus, fighters can earn a respectable living from it.

Irene Aldana
Irene Aldana

career in mixed martial arts

fight in the jungle

In Aldana’s only fight with the Brazilian mixed martial arts company Jungle Fight at JF: Jungle Fight 63 on December 21, 2013, Aldana competed against Larissa Pacheco for the vacant JF Women’s Bantamweight Championship. She suffered the first defeat of her professional career when she was eliminated via technical knockout in the third round.

Invicta Fighting Organization’s Championship

In mid-2014, Aldana signed a contract with Invicta Fighting Championship. She made her debut on September 9, 2014, against Peggy Morgan, in Invicta FC 8: Waterson vs Tamada, and won the first round with a rear-naked choke.

After that, she was scheduled to compete against Marion Reneau on December 5, 2014 in Invicta FC 10: Waterson vs. Tibursio; However, Aldana was forced to pull out of the fight due to an illness, and was eventually removed from the combat card.

Aldana was scheduled to face Melanie LaCroix in Invicta FC 11: Cyborg vs Tweet on February 27, 2015, however, LaCroix withdrew from the bout for unknown reasons and was replaced by promotional newcomer Colleen Schneider. She won with a rear-neck choke in the first round of the fight.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship is an MMA competition.

It was revealed that Aldana was signed for the UFC on November 6, 2016 and would compete against Leslie Smith in the UFC on December 17, 2016 on Fox 22 event.
All the judges agreed that Aldana was the loser in the fight. Despite the loss, Aldana was awarded the UFC’s Fight of the Night bonus for the event. This was his first such award.

In UFC Fight Night: Stephens vs. Choi, which took place on January 14, 2018, Aldana competed against Talita Bernardo. The battle was decided unanimously in favor of Aldana.

The fight between Bethe Correia and Aldana was to take place on August 4, 2018 at UFC 227; However, the fight was canceled when Korea had to retreat due to injury. Instead, Aldana competed against Lucie Pudilova at UFC 228 on September 8, 2018, and emerged victorious in a tough fight based on a split decision, which earned them both the Fight of the Night award.

Her match with Bethe Correa was rescheduled and is scheduled to take place at UFC 237 on May 11, 2019. The Correia came in at 141 pounds, which is 5 pounds more than the bantamweight limit of 136 pounds when weighed-in. He was fined thirty percent of his fight purse, and the contest continued at catchweight. In the third round, Aldana defeated her opponent to win the match.

On July 20, 2019, Aldana competed against Raquel Pennington during the UFC on ESPN 4 broadcast. The fight was decided by a judge’s decision which was divided.

The fight between Aldana and Marion Reneau was scheduled to take place on September 21, 2019 at UFC on ESPN+17. Despite this, Reno withdrew from the fight on September 11, which has not been disclosed. Reneau was succeeded in her promotional role by Vanessa Melo, a rookie for the team. Melo came in at 140 pounds during the weigh-in, which is 4 pounds more than the limit for a bantamweight fight that doesn’t include a title. He was given a penalty equal to thirty percent of his winnings, and his fight with Aldana continued at catchweight. The battle was decided unanimously in favor of Aldana.

UFC 245 took place on December 14, 2019, and featured Aldana vs Caitlen Vieira. The bout was stopped by a knockout by Aldana in the first round. The win resulted in him being awarded the Performance of the Night.

At UFC Fight Night 173, which was scheduled to take place on August 1, 2020, Aldana was to fight Holly Holm. On the other hand, on 22 July it was announced that Aldana withdrew from the fight for reasons not disclosed. Just hours after the news surfaced, Aldana confirmed that the reason for the return was testing positive for COVID-19. As a direct result, Holm was also dropped from the program; Nevertheless, the fight between the two fighters was preserved and now on October 4, 2020 at UFC ESPN: Holm vs. Will be on Aldana. The match was decided by a unanimous decision against Aldana.

The fight between Aldana and Yana Kunitskaya took place on July 10, 2021 at UFC 264. At weigh-ins, Aldana weighed 139.5 pounds, which was three and a half pounds more than the bantamweight non-title bout limit. Her fight is scheduled to proceed on catchweight, and she will be punished with a thirty percent deduction of her winnings, which will be given to her competitor, Kunitskaya. The match ended in the first round with Aldana winning via technical knockout.

At UFC 268, which will take place in New York City, Aldana was scheduled to compete against Germaine de Randymi. However, injury forced De Randomy to withdraw from the competition in early September.

A fight between Aspen Ladd and Aldana was to take place on April 9, 2022 at UFC 273. However, in late March, Aldana withdrew from the fight, now undisclosed, and Raquel Pennington, a former challenger for the UFC Women’s Bantamweight Championship, took her place.

At the UFC 279 event on September 10, 2022, Aldana is set to compete against Messi Chisson.

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