Who is Lisday, the wife of boxer Luis Ortiz? How many children does the WBA Interim Heavyweight Champion have?


Luis Ortiz, who hails from Cuba, is a well-known professional boxer who competes in the heavyweight division of the World Boxing Association. El Mercedes was the moniker that Ortiz used early in his career, when he was competing for Cuba in international events. At the time, Ortiz was known as a national athlete for Cuba. Because of his formidable punching and counterpunching powers, he is also known as “King Kong”. Besides, that’s how they got their name.

luis ortijo
luis ortijo

According to “Transnational Boxing Ranking Board” and “The Ring Magazine”, a certain boxer is currently ranked as the eighth best active heavyweight in the world in the month of November 2021. Ortiz made his debut in the world of professional boxing. February 16, 2010, in Hollywood, Florida, against United States fighter Lamar Davis. And in about a minute and a half of the first round, Louis finished off the opponent with a technical knockout that ended the round.

During his tenure as an amateur, Ortiz was a member of the Cuban national team for a significant part of that period; Nevertheless, he was never able to win at the top level of international competition.

After the whole year 2021 went without a single bout, Lewis and former IBF heavyweight champion, Charles Martin, came to an agreement to fight each other on January 1, 2022. By finishing the fight in the sixth round, he showed that he deserved to be the betting favourite. After hitting Martin on the ground with an overhand left, he proceeded to strike it.

What is the name of boxer Luis Ortiz’s wife Lisday?

As the wife of professional boxer Luis Ortiz, Lisade has gained a lot of notoriety in recent years. Because she strongly hates media interference in her personal life, there is not a lot of information available about her online. Furthermore, there are no online resources that focus on her professional career that can be found on the internet.

She is a very encouraging wife, as seen by the fact that she is often seen in Louis’ fights, supporting and cheering for him. We are able to say without any doubt that the couple is enjoying an excellent time with each other and with other members of their family.

There are no indications that the marriage may end in divorce or separation, despite the fact that the couple has been married for ten years. Furthermore, the two have never engaged in any defamation or disagreement about the nature of their union or whether they are married or not.

On Instagram, you can find Lisdey posting photos and videos under the username @lisdeortiz. Like her husband, she avoids the public eye. So, he currently has 92 followers, and has posted 435 times.

Children and family of Luis Ortiz: important information

Luis Ortiz and his wife, Lisde are blessed with three children during their marriage. However, the couple has kept a low profile and has not disclosed much information about their children.

However, according to several Web sites, his eldest daughter, Lismercides, has a rare skin condition known as epidermolysis bullosa. Ortiz left Cuba in 2009, shortly after the birth of his daughter, to seek medical treatment elsewhere. After moving to the United States, he was able to find refuge for his wife, even though she was pregnant with the couple’s second and third children at the time.

Five members of the family currently call the state of California home. Before they moved to the United States, they were having trouble making a living because Louis’ job didn’t pay enough to sustain their family, but now that they’re here, they’re doing much better. Huh.

As Louis spends more time with his wife and children and exchanging photos with them, it is clear that his feelings for them have grown to an intense level.

The ethnicity and nationality of Luis Ortiz: an investigation into his background

Luis Ortiz is of mixed Cuban and other ancestry, but his nationality is Cuban. On March 29, 1979, he was welcomed into the world by his parents, Daniel Berrios Sánchez and Mariam Bérios Sánchez, in Camague, Cuba. He was raised in a family that was financially weak.

On February 16, 2010, Ortiz took part in his first fight at the professional level. It was a four-round bout against American boxer Lamar Davis, and took place at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida. Similarly, HBO announced in 2015 that Ortiz would compete in Verona, New York against Bryant Jennings, a previous challenger for the world title.

After defeating his opponent via technical knockout in the seventh round, Louis was able to successfully defend his interim world title. Ortiz was too powerful for Jennings at the start of the fight, and as a result, was regularly hit by Ortiz afterwards.

In the fifth and final round of a close and competitive fight during the last four rounds, Ortiz appeared to take the upper hand. Jennings, a former world championship contender, was knocked out in the seventh round by a devastating left uppercut that crashed him into the face of the canvas. This put Jennings out of the fight.

How rich is Luis Ortiz considering his salary and net worth?

According to the website, Luis Ortiz has an annual salary of $39,726 and the net worth is estimated to be $8 million. The WBA Heavyweight Champion received his most notable salary when he competed against Deontay Wilder in March 2018. Wilder is currently the WBC Heavyweight Champion.

His annual salary is $39,726 and his net worth is currently estimated at $8 million.

Ortiz was awarded a total of $1.5 million for the 2022 fight, including a $500,000 guaranteed purse and an additional $1 million from PPV sharing.

He was awarded a total of $500,000 for his participation in the fight, while Wilder, who emerged victorious, was given an additional $2.1 million. Furthermore, an average of 1.1 million people watched the match, which indicates that Ortiz may have made some money from it.

The rematch between Wilder and Ortiz is scheduled to take place in November of 2019. It is possible that the promised $1 million and fight will generate additional cash from PPV sales.

luis ortijo
luis ortijo

professional career

early in one’s career

Ortiz, then 30, made his professional debut on February 16, 2010 in a four-round planned contest against American boxer Lamar Davis, who had a 4–1 record with 1 knockout. The fight took place at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida. After a little less than 80 seconds had passed in the first round of the bout, Ortiz won the fight via technical knockout (TKO). On June 15, Ortiz faced Charles Davis, then 39, for his second professional match at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. Davis was Ortiz’s rival. Ortiz won by technical knockout in the fourth round. On 24 August 2010, Ortiz won the vacant WBC FECARBOX heavyweight title in his third professional bout, defeating Kendrick Raylford, who was 28 years old and had a record 22–13–2 (10 knockouts). Ortiz won the fight by unanimous decision after eight rounds with scores of 80–72, 79–72 and 79–72. Raylford was defeated once in the second round. Ortiz improved his record with 5 victories by stopping Zack Page and Francisco Lavarez in the eighth round of both their respective competitions. Ortiz’s four victories were within walking distance, while the second was a knockout win. On January 28, 2011, Ortiz faced Ruben Rivera in a fight at the Double Tree Westshore Hotel (3-5, 1 KO) in Tampa, Florida. Rivera was disqualified in Round 5 after receiving several fewer punches, which resulted in him losing two points in Round 4.

regional success

Ortiz competed twice in the month of April, first defeating Jerry Butler via technical knockout in the third round, and then knocking out previous World Championship challenger Burt Cooper within two rounds. Cooper had a 38–22 record with 31 knockouts. Then, in the month of May, Ortiz faced Corey Winfield, who was 27 years old and had a 4-7 record with 2 knockouts. In Round 3, Ortiz took the knockout victory, giving him the victory. Ortiz defeated 36-year-old Jason Barnett, who had a 12-13 record with six knockouts, in a fight at the la carte event pavilion in Tampa, Florida, on June 3. Ortiz won the fight via first-round technical knockout after Barnett was knocked down twice. Ortiz fought Luis Andres Pineda, a former Cruiserweight World Title challenger, on the undercard of the middleweight title fight between Gennady Golovkin and Kasim Oma at the Arena Roberto Duran in Panama City, Panama, two weeks later. The main event of the night was between Gennady Golovkin and Kasim Oma (22-9-1, 18 KO). The fight involved both the vacant WBC FECARBOX heavyweight title as well as the unclaimed WBA Fedelatin heavyweight belt. After Pineda was eliminated in round 6, Ortiz emerged victorious in the fight. A month later, Ortiz fought Henry Sainz (22–8–1, 18 KOs) at the Gymnacio Nacional in San Jose, Costa Rica, to defend his WBA fedaltine. Heavyweight title. The match was for the WBA Fedelatin Heavyweight Title. Ortiz won by defeating his opponent in the third round.

In February of 2012 at the Community Center in Florida, Ortiz had a match with Epifanio Mendoza, who was 36 years old and had a 32–13–1 record with 28 knockouts. The fight was scheduled for 10 rounds and was for the vacant WBO and WBC Latino Heavyweight Belts. In round seven of his bout, Ortiz emerged victorious after Mendoza was disqualified for intentionally delivering a low punch. At the end of the month of October, Ortiz competed in the Dominican Republic on three separate occasions within a span of 18 days. In the first round, he stopped Jose Santos Peralta via knockout in 2 minutes and 24 seconds, defeated Juan Carlos Antonio Maldonado via technical knockout in the first round, and stopped Santiago de Paula via knockout in the fourth round. .

After an eight-month layoff, Ortiz returned to the ring in July 2013 to face Joseph Rabote, who had lost his last ten fights in a row. Officially declared as a third-round knockout, the North Carolina Athletic Commission reversed Keo on appeal, ruling that Rabbot accidentally left the ring. This resulted in a “no-contest” as the bout ended before the start of round 4, meaning the bout did not make it to the scorecard. The North Carolina Athletic Commission reversed the third-round knockout. On April 3, 2014, at Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio, California, Ortiz faced a 42-year-old former world title challenger named Monte Barrett, who had a 35-10-2 record with 20 knockouts. This fight was considered Ortiz’s best and most famous opponent until that point in his career. After Barrett was punched left in the nose and fell to the ground on his right knee, referee Caz immediately stopped the fight without counting the blows. Barrett agreed to take this fight on short notice. After suffering this defeat, Barrett decided to retire. Ortiz was able to land 49 punches out of 137 attempts, while Barrett managed to land only 24 punches out of 83 attempts.

Ortiz vs Kayod

WBA Interim Heavyweight Champion

Ortiz vs Window

Ortiz vs Jennings

Ortiz vs Thompson

Canceled defenses and many more matches..


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