Who was Laurie Houts’s boyfriend? John Kevin Woodward murder charges

The case came to the state police in 1992, when a person named John Kevin Woodward killed his roommate’s girlfriend. Yes, the roommate was the murderer. The victim’s name was Laurie who was found in a parked car in the 1300 block of Crittenden Lane next to a dump. During the investigation, it came to know Laurie was strangled to death in her car. The investigation team found some footprints and fingerprints in the car that led them to the murderer, John Kevin Woodward. When the truth came to Laurie’s close one, they got shocked after learning about the suspect.

With all evidence, the state police arrested John Kevin’s Boyfriend for the murder of Laurie Houts. According to the reports, John was the roommate and best friend of Laurie’s boyfriend. Laurie was a computer engineer by profession. At the time of her death, she was 25 years old. She had already set her future by training at UC Davis for computer engineering. Laurie’s best friend Marilyn stated that she was a very lovely and kind person. Along with it, she was very passionate about her career.

It is very sad that she couldn’t achieve much in her life. The investigation ran for almost one year. Finally, the Police got the lead in this case and found the murderer. According to the reports, John secretly loved Laurie Houts. He often got jealous to see his roommates talking to her. Yes, the State Police that John killed Laurie due to jealousy. As per the officials, John Kevin Woodward was sentenced to life imprisonment. Right now, John is facing imprisonment in jail. His age is now 52 years old. It. When the news came to social media it became headlines. There is numerous article present on the internet web about the whole story of the murder case. Other than this, we do not have any further information about Laurie and Her family. Neither is she listed on the Wikipedia page. Until then for further fresh news updates stay tuned with us on our website

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